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With compassion, unremitting research and development, to save people as the duty, to get away from suffering and get happiness. Life and old age pass away without disease. To be a healthy, happy and dignified old man, and promote life without the sick, the society is fortunate! The country is fortunate.

  • Charity Marketing/Giving Back to the Society

    Take it from the society, use it in the society, and give back to the society.

  • Noble and not expensive/excellent value for money

    Good products must be reasonably priced and widely accepted by the general public.

  • Customer first/service first

    We believe that
    quality service is the only way to retain customers.


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    Based in Taiwan,
    focus on the global market.


Latest News

"You sponsor filial piety, I will help you send love" to welcome 99 Chongyang filial piety to the elderly

Introduction of R&D personnel

Mr. Lin Qingsen is now the chairman of Huanyu Cell Biotechnology Co., Ltd. He has devoted himself to the research of Chinese herbal medicine for more than 60 years. In the past 10 years, he has combined the technology of biotechnology and integrated the advantages of the East and the West, hoping to benefit people’s health preservation. Longevity helps, and he is also the current founder and founder of Cell Biotechnology, and has won numerous awards.

What is mitochondria? What is NMN?

Mitochondria are organelles that exist in cells and provide energy for cells. Every cell in the human body may contain hundreds to thousands of mitochondria. The way to provide cell energy is to synthesize ATP (the so-called adenosine triphosphate) to maintain the body's normal physiological activities. The most important role is to transmit cell messages and control cell apoptosis, aging and other states. Like a battery, a good battery can provide the body with enough energy. However, as the body ages or accumulates too much fatigue, the activity of mitochondria will slowly decline, causing the cells to fail to obtain sufficient energy, which further accelerates the aging process. And it is easy to feel tired or lack of energy.
NMN is a derivative of niacin (vitamin B3). Kristi King, a spokesperson for the Society of Nutrition and Dietetics and a registered dietitian, pointed out that vitamin B complex is very important for energy production and cell metabolism. Foods rich in niacin include peanuts, mushrooms, and green tea.

*Telomerase activator includes these two nutrients that promote cell regeneration. This is the biggest feature of this product and the most cost-effective part.

We believe

The most valuable thing in the world is to stay away from disease and win back healthy youth. This is what everyone hopes for.
Good products cannot be lonely, and good products that are lonely are the loss of the general public.
Let good products enter millions of households, most people can afford to eat and use, healthy and youthful.
Good R&D talents work silently in research and dedication. The golden minds of R&D people are the assets of the country and society, and they need to be affirmed and supported by the public for theiry dedication to health preservation.
The researcher is also Mr. Lin Qingsen, the chairman of Huanyu Cell Biotechnology Company. He initiated a Chongyang Festival respect for the elderly and filial piety activities to provide you with an opportunity to fulfill your filial piety and do your deeds.

Recipients of social welfare:5 companies including China Long-term Care Association (Each institution donated 30 people)

For those who sponsored the pre-order of telomerase activator, we will also use your name and the number of sponsored boxes to give it to the elderly who have long-term photos, so that you or your relatives and the elderly can become our most loyal users. Witnesses, work together to create noble, not expensive and vulgar products, which are recognized and loved by everyone, and are moving towards popularization. You sponsor the filial piety activities, and we will send you love.

For the elderly who are scheduled to benefit:
Low bids of 30-150 will be given as gifts, each will get 3 boxes, a total of 90-450 boxes + sponsors 90-450 boxes.
Funds raised: 36-1.8 million

Donated institutions:social welfare-long-term care institutions and other 5 institutions.
Organized by institutions, and publicly donated after evaluation by doctors.

Sponsored activity:
the product of this project "telomerase activin"

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